Online Résumé Converter (ORC)

August, 2004: This service has been discontinued indefinitely due to high load on SourceForge's hard-working shell servers. We are considering other hosting options, and focusing an effort at a more end-to-end solution than ORC. Please check the front page for news and updates regarding this and XMLResume 2.0.

Intended Audience

ORC is still in the beta stage and is not intended for widespread use. It is targeted to the following audiences:

  • Newcomers to the XMLRésumé project who want to test out its functionality and get a taste of the great features it has to offer
  • Those who, for whatever reason, CANNOT install the required software on their own machines
  • XMLRésumé users who are experiencing problems with their own setup and want to troubleshoot.

Specifically, it is NOT INTENDED for frequent, repeated use by those who COULD install the required software on their own machines but just don't feel like it. Why? The process of filtering and formatting many XMLRésumés requires a fairly large amount of processing power and disk space. Our host server, sourceforge.net, cannot afford to process hundreds of résumés every day and still maintain high quality service to all the other projects.

So please, if you have the technical know-how to install it, use XMLRésumé on your own computer. We want to make sure that those who really need it have access to ORC. If you use ORC yourself and want to show your appreciation, please consider purchasing an item from the developer's wishlist or contributing to your favorite open source project.

Thanks for your consideration.


When you upload your XML Résumé file, you are placing your potentially very private information on a very public server. Specifically, your résumé will be viewable by any SourceForge.net developer until it is deleted by our automated cleaning system. ORC was designed for portability, reliability and light weight, not for security and privacy. If this is a problem for you, please do not use this system.

All résumés are deleted every week on Sunday around 2 a.m.