Mark Miller

Active from February, 2002 to present
Nickname: brandondoyle
Résumé: http://csua.berkeley.edu/~mjm/resume
Wishlist: Amazon

I joined the project after I got sick of constantly editing and changing the format of my résumé for every job. I'd delete X from my résumé (a Word document) to send it to company Y, make a few updates, save it, and realize a month later that Professor Z would be very interested in X-- but X was lost and gone forever.

Since joining the project, I've made several changes to make the formatted output more compact (comma-separated skill & subject lists, the 2-column referee section, the "compact" CSS file, and margin/spacing changes to the PDF output). I created the targeting filter to take care of the problem(s) I mentioned above. When Bruce Christensen left the project, I put together release 1.5.0, and then set up the ORC (Online Résumé Converter) system.

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