XMLRésuméLibrary: User Guide

Element Reference

XML Résumé files are XML files composed mostly of elements. This part of the user guide documents the semantics (meaning) and syntax (structure) of all of the elements that you can use to construct a résumé.

To get started with creating a résumé, take a look Chapter 2, which is a tutorial on creating an XML résumé. Alternatively, you could examine the content model for the resume element, and drill down from there.

Changes to the DTD

This sections documents changes to the XML Résumé Library DTD.


Deprecated elements will still be formatted, and are still valid elements in an XML résumé. However, their use is discouraged, and they will be removed in a future version of the DTD.

Version ???

  • Changed elements: projects may now be included in the degree element.

Version 1.5.0

Version 1.4.2

No DTD changes.

Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.0

  • New element: minor.

  • New element: lastModified.

  • New elements: awards and award.

  • New elements: interests and interest.

  • New elements: fax, pager, and instantMessage. These may be contained in contact.

  • New attribute: the phone element now has a location attribute.

  • New attribute: the skill element now has a level attribute.

  • Change: the degree element may now contain multiple major elements.

  • Change: the pub element may now contain a url element.

  • Change: the contact element may now contain any number of its allowed child elements, and they may appear in any order.

  • Change: the resume element may now directly containskillarea elements.

  • Change: the skillset element may now directly contain skill elements.

  • Change: the degree element may now contain either a period or a date element. It could previously contain only a date.

  • Change: the artTitle and The bookTitle elements may now contain link elements.

  • Change: the referee element may now contain an optional title element and an optional organization element.

  • Change: the month element is no longer required in the date element. (However, it must appear if the date contains a dayOfMonth element.)

  • Deprecated element: skillareas. You may simply remove the start and end tags from your résumé.

  • Deprecated element: skills. You may simply remove the start and end tags from your résumé.

  • Deprecated element: pubDate. Replace it with a date element.

  • Deprecated elements: docpath, head, node, tail, label, and uri. Instances of these elements should be removed.

Version 1.3.3

  • New element: link.

  • New attribute: the address element now has an optional format attribute.

  • New attributes: Added namespace support. More specifically, added xmlns, xmlns:xsi, and xsi:schemaLocation attributes to the resumes and resume elements.

  • Change: employer may now contain inline elements (emphasis, citation, url, and link).

  • Deprecated element: break. Instances of this element should be removed.

  • Deprecated element: company. Instances of this element should be removed.

  • Deprecated element: street2. These elements should be converted to street elements.

Version 1.3.2

No DTD changes.

Table of Contents

academics - Container for information about academic experience
achievement - An accomplishment made at a job
achievements - Container for one or more job achievements
address - A postal address
annotation - Additional information about a degree
artTitle - A title of an article or other work
author - An author of a publication
award - An award or other honor
awards - Container for one or more awards
birth - Container for information about a person's birth
bookTitle - A title of a book or similar work
break - A linebreak (Deprecated)
citation - The name of a work being referenced
city - The name of a city
clearance - A security clearance
clearances - One or more security clearances
company - The name of a company (Deprecated)
contact - Container for one or more methods of contacting someone
copyright - A copyright notice
country - A country name
county - A county name
date - A specific instant in time
dayOfMonth - An ordinal day of the month
degree - Container for information about a degree or similar certification
degrees - Container for one or more degrees
description - An explanation of something
docpath - (Deprecated)
email - An e-mail address
emphasis - An emphasized block of text
employer - A name of an employer
fax - A fax telephone number
firstname - A person's given name
from - The beginning point in a period of time
gpa - Information about a grade point average
head - (Deprecated)
header - Container for information about the person being described in a résumé
history - Container for a person's previous (and possibly current) jobs
instantMessage - An instant message username or address
institution - A name of an academic institution
interest - Something a person is interested in
interests - Container for one or more interests
job - A specific employment engagement
jobtitle - A job title
keyword - A keyword to be used for résumé indexing and searching
keywords - Container for a list of keywords
label - (Deprecated)
lastModified - Information about when a résumé was last modified
legalnotice - A legal statement
level - A degree type
link - A titled hyperlink
location - A location, with city-level granularity
major - A main course of study
membership - A professional membership
memberships - Container for one or more memberships
middlenames - One or more middle names of a person
minor - A minor course of study
misc - Miscellaneous remarks
month - A month name
name - A person's name
node - (Deprecated)
note - Additional information
objective - A person's employment goal
organization - A name of an organization
pageNums - One or more page numbers or ranges
pager - A pager telephone number
para - A paragraph of text
period - A period of time
phone - A voice telephone number
possible - The highest possible score in a GPA
postalCode - A postal code
prefecture - A name of a prefecture or other administrative district
present - Indicates the current time
project - Container for information about a project
projects - Container for one or more projects
province - A name or abbreviation of a province
pub - A work published by the résumé owner
pubDate - The date a work was published (Deprecated)
publisher - Information about a publisher of a work
pubs - A group of one or more publications
referee - Someone who can provide additional information about the person the résumé describes
referees - Contains one or more referees
result - An outcome of a subject
resume - A résumé or curriculum vitae
resumes - A collection of one or more résumés
score - The score earned in a GPA
skill - A name and/or description of a skill
skillarea - A group of broadly related skill sets
skillareas - Group of one or more skill areas (Deprecated)
skills - Group of one or more skills (Deprecated)
skillset - A titled group of one or more related skills
state - A name or abbreviation of a state
street - A street name, number, and other related information
street2 - A second line of a street address (Deprecated)
subject - A name of a class or topic of study
subjects - A group of one or more subjects
suburb - A name of a suburb
suffix - A suffix of a name, usually specifying lineage
surname - A family name
tail - (Deprecated)
title - A title or heading
to - The ending point in a period of time
uri - A Uniform Resource Indicator (Deprecated)
url - A Uniform Resource Locator
ward - A name of a division of a city, town, or county
year - A year
zip - A zip code